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Lodge or Rustic Cabin Decor - Which one are you...or which one do you want to be?

Are you lucky enough to have just purchased a new cottage, cabin or lodge? Or did you just build a beautiful new log cabin or hunting lodge in a beautiful scenic location in the mountains of Colorado or the plains of Montana? Or perhaps you already own a rustic cabin which is old and outdated and you want to upgrade your rustic-ness of your cottage? Or maybe you are one of the really truly lucky ones who lives this lifestyle everyday of the year and this is not just a vacation home for you.

Whatever you situation is, you are obviously reading this because you are considering getting your rustic-on in your lodge or cabin, most-likely your vacation or second home, or your everyday house. Whatever the reason, you are lucky to be in this situation - whether that is a daily life for you or just a vacation home away from home. Either way, there is very little way to not feel cozy, comfortable and warm when you are surrounded by a rustic setting and matching rustic decor.

It would be my pleasure to be able to shop for some new rustic decor for a new log cabin or lodge vacation home - but, there is always the option of completely changing any city home decor to a warm and inviting rustic style. I suggest you go all the way if you are going to. It is not as effective is you only have a few rustic home decor items in a, let's say, modern decor.

If you are ready to take that step into a charm filled cozy rustic styled home, let's take a look at a few things you may want to consider before purchasing some rustic lodge styled furniture.

Happy Rustic Shopping for your cabin, lodge, cottage or rustic retreat!

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